rush hour exhibitionism

rush hour exhibitionism
I wave and dance
catch ur eye
from yr Mercedes-Benz
Toyota, Tesla, or Pontiac Vibe

rush hour voyeurism
u call out to me
at a cross-walk 
and I’m too excited to see u really 
to talk

is queer survival
crossing scents on the blood 
hound trail - to those that would do me harm 
en garde. 

is the very same
crossing streets, stalling, waiting
and then going

oblique feeling (my dog)
around in the park 
play the xylophone! in the park
an installation made possible 
by the arts 

ur not sick?
of gerunds and verbs
ear Brand

ear rhythm
& poem
hand meaning
& ghost 

do I need verbs 
like I act
do I need money
like I live
do I need sex
like I hold
do I need to write
like I read

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