back when I was a bug
a wee little bug
things were never this hard!
I drank my morning dew
and feasted on mites
communed with sprites
everything was allllllllright

back when I was a worm
I didn’t yearn so much
didn’t wallow or grovel
I wriggled free, baby! 
did the dirt a big favor
and shared my spoils easily 
soil through skin

back when I was a star
I was far out and few between
the twinkle in your eye, wasn’t I?
not some notch on a warriors belt
but the eye serpentine
and also an elf

Dinah thinks this poem will turn sour 
like when I was a bunch of grapes 
we jostled for rank and status 
on the vine that was our home
our cage
and what rage 
to be smashed 
and swilled

“nothing scares a wino but running out of wine” 
nothing scares a grape but leaving the vine

please teach me 
how to be a bug again

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