New Report Claims Blackstone Group is Buying San Diego’s Affordable Housing, Hiking Up Rent Prices – NBC 7 San Diego

The report highlights San Diego County, where Blackstone Group purchased thousands of affordable housing units in 2021. As renters moved out, the company raised…
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go where needed

i basically just go where i’m needed
stressful and vulnerable position
to go where i’m needed
where might i stay
awhile and lay my weariness?
could you find or guess a place for me
so i can rest and take a beat
and lay me down for treats
i go where i’m needed
until i find that space
i go where i’m needed

Feds Want to Expand Autonomous Surveillance Capabilities Along Border | Voice of San Diego

While U.S. Customs and Border Protection says the technology will reduce demand on agents and unmask networks of illegal activity in San Diego, immigration advocates point to research showing the increasingly militarized border pushes desperate people into more dangerous terrain.
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Where do our bodies end? |

Most of us have been taught to think of our body as a physical structure, isolated from everything else. But if we think of it as a living system, then a different picture emerges.

Traditional Indigenous thinking points towards an open system, connected with the universe and the Creator.
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