i love when you step into your ideals
god you’re such the picture perfect citizen
we’ve all been waiting so long for you
lost track of the time sipping coffee
wishing for a totally immaculate love affair
and not knowing how to get there no place
and in a hurry to forget how it happened
with washing machines rusting in the back
it wasn’t a secret that i loved you it wasn’t
a secret that wasn’t a secret was a truth
convenient to ignore and bring it up later
as if it wasn’t easy to forget anyway what
with the world falling down twice a day
and me so far away and out of sight
don’t mind if you do and don’t mind
if you don’t think so and even so light
on honesty and backwards ass though
true at times and exaggerated at others
the fabric of life is turning into dough
cooked and selling out our mothers
over and over and over and over

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