Amerika Eats Its Young

dedicated to all the funkers. fake the funk, and your nose will grow.

"a luscious bitch she is , true"
"but it's not nice to fool mother nature"

on the city streets 
we see the daily toil
blend into the mush
the crowd and try 
try to forget we die
every minute in this story

"in her neurotic attempt 
"to be queen of the universe"

what is this drive toward domination
everything in our culture is about control
who to fuck who to love where to live
it's all these strings that tug 
and even when we fight it 
the conditioning is so deep 
we fall into wells we didn't know existed
become puppets who can't see whose hand to bite
under spells cast from
 international monetary funds
 world banks 
 loans, aid
 a trap a trap! 
you must think and do like the Westerner 
john wayne lives in our skulls 
shooting down the reds and the blacks 
and the greens 

"oh, if and when the laws of man"
"is not just, equal and fair"
"then the laws of nature will come and do her thing"

even empires have upper limits
they all fall for similar reasons
groaning under their own weight 
as they take and take and take 

now the earth is screaming
telling us to stop burning 
yearning for us
to become her lover once again
and some measure of balance 

"balance is my thing"
"the sun the snow, wind and rain"
"must come"

take stock even out
we need a new attitude
totally granola and see 
each other as equal with the earth
and not above her 

"we're just a biological speculation"
"sittin' here, vibratin'"
"and we don't know what we're vibratin' about"
"and the animal instinct in me"
"makes me wanna defend me"
"it makes me want to live when it's time to die"

do you see the point?

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