Reading The Blue Clerk, 169


“Verso 55”

A suture can bridge time, turning encounter into ritual, ritual into something else.

This is the holiest we ever were.

I return to a Verso I had read before, though I had forgotten I read it before, until I reread it.

But even if those Africans who were in the holds, who left something of their prior selves in those rooms as a trace to be discovered, and who passed through the doors of no return did not survive the holding and the sea, they, like us, are alive in hydrogen, in oxygen; in carbon, in phosphorus, and iron; in sodium and chlorine. This is what we know about those Africans thrown, jumped, dumped overboard in Middle Passage; they are with us still, in the time of the wake, known as residence time.

Christina Sharpe, In The Wake: On Blackness and Being

To be a pilgrim. Yes. At…

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