Happy Birthday Kwame Ture

Happy birthday to the revolutionary ancestor Kwame Ture. From the Civil Rights movement, to the Black Power movement, to building international Pan-Africanism, Ture was present. He exemplifies the revolutionary’s deep love for people, for history, for attempting the seemingly impossible and persistence in the face of great repression. We must follow his example even as we acknowledge his shortcomings. Ture understood that revolution requires constant change on both the collective and individual level, so that no one is above reproach or critique. Even in death he has taught me so much. I only wish that I can have even a fraction of his commitment to the struggle.

Ture said, “you say you love your people, but you don’t know anything about them. If you love your people you want to know everything about them.” We must always be open and curious about our people. We must always be ready to study, so we are equipped to bring about change for Africans globally.

Ture also said “we need Black power.” This was not a call for violence as so many have attempted to portray it. It was a call for autonomy and self-determination for African peoples. It is a call that still must be answered.

Thank you ancestor. Thank you for fighting for me before I was even born. Please beam on us and give us strength in these times of war. Please guide us toward unity and collectivity. We will never forget you.

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