Haitian sugar cane workers denied pensions in the Dominican Republic

Repeating Islands

The Haitian Times reports that Haitian sugar cane workers in the Dominican Republic are struggling to access their retirement funds after decades of work, according to anew reportpublished last week.

The workers had contributed to their retirement funds in the Dominican Republic through a system linked to an identification card called aficha, according to the report by Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, a nonprofit funded by the German government.

Haitian migrant workers without legal status in the Dominican Republic were assigned afichaby the Sugar State Council, the government agency overseeing the sugar cane industry. Eachfichawould register a worker’s contribution to their retirement fund.

“Now they’re told that thefichasare not valid to access their rights,” said Micely Diaz Espaillat, author of the report during a presentation of the findings, according to Dominican publicationacento.com.do.

The report lists 10 requirements sugar cane workers must meet in order to access retirement funds…

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