Organizing to Free the Land

“Some of that’s already baked in and been baked in for a minute. We need to be real about that. But there is enough time. The sooner we can force either a system change or major reform from capital, and I prefer the former rather than the latter, there’s still some time to make some critical changes and to stop some of the effects. Or at least not have them run into this runaway scenarios that are already off the charts. And people would rest assured that a lot of critical indices, we are already well past where most of the climate change models were at for like a 20 or 30 year cycle. We are already there. And so the pace is accelerating beyond what many of the models are already exceeding.

So Black folks got to take this real. African people got to take this real.”

“So I didn’t put this piece out for folks to panic. That’s the exact opposite of what I’m hoping that folks would do. I was arguing with somebody a couple of weeks ago. I was like, “panic was 10 years ago. We already passed that, we missed that opportunity a while ago.” Now I think it’s a question of, within the limited time that we have, how do we best position ourselves and what material basis can we establish that might enable us to engage in sustained struggle? And then be clear about what the weaknesses of the period are and what we need to call on automatically.”

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