Who Is Zilo Groove?

I became aware of the music of Zilo Groove in one of the most inauspicious places in the world: my twitter mentions. The message promoting his music looked like spam; indeed, it appears he had been spamming various twitter accounts to promote his albums.

Phishing scam or guerrilla marketing? There was only one way to find out. I bless my stars that I decided to click. I was introduced to “Afro Sal-Soul,” a musical genre that Zilo Groove claims to have created, combining “hip-hop, African music, Afrobeat, salsa, jazz, dance and electronic music.”

You would be within your rights to be skeptical, but the music speaks for itself. The “I Love My African” music video reflects Zilo’s musical roots in both Douala, Cameroon and New York City, USA. You either love or hate the DIY spirit that Zilo exudes.

My favorite track by Zilo Groove is probably Venez Danser, a groovy and emotional number.

Finally, there are his more experimental/electronic albums. House and Techno Scrolls has a track called “Fidel Castro Techno Blues” which, going on just the title alone, is amazing. Also worth mentioning is the album Just Horns, Bass, and Drums which is true to its name. The opening track to that album is a spacey tune called “Pregnant in Red,” also an amazing title.

As I’m writing this little review, I’m realizing that I’ve listened to a lot of these albums now! Zilo Groove’s music is not for everyone, as he can be a little goofy at times and the production feels spotty. Despite that, there is a buoyancy and real musical talent that keeps me coming back to these songs. Perhaps you will enjoy this under-rated (or not rated at all) artist and his message of love and grooviness.

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