poem for monami

for monami. I’m sorry for lying to you and hurting you. I pray (which I usually never do) that one day you can forgive me, and trust me again. I will always love you. Please believe that. Please know this poem was written from a place of truth and love.

you are my light-bringer dear
are you my dear night-bringer?
yes, indeed, the nights spark up
like a joint we share in bed 
swapping stories n spit n sex
n soliloquies on the art that made us

so my life with you is a cabaret
the landscape the stage 
where we retreat to commune 
with nature, to become natural 
again. that's why i luv the smell
of your armpits n your body
after working hard n dreaming
your life into existence.

i manifest my luv 4u
in the cracks 
in the sidewalk
in the gliding of birds
around my house
telling each other
it's time to go now 
it's time to slow down 
i give you a kiss, hence
i luv u forever
    in the present-tense

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