messy girl

I’m a messy girl in a messy room. To be fair, I live in a very messy country. Place. I don’t like to say country. Gives this place too much credit. This place could change, and become a country. A nation of nations to redeem the land and the people. Just like I could clean my room.

I walk around but I can never seem to take the same path. What is that? I’m distracted. I walk around but I go a different way. Cul-de-sac. Palm tree. Broken bottle. I go a different way.

It must be so hard to be a parent, especially now. Like, aren’t you scared? I think a lot of people are, kid or not. I know I am.

I question happy endings. Endings more than happiness. What in human/geo/astro time tells us that anything ever ends? There are more beginnings than endings. Where a river ends it also begins.

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