Cheer Up, You’re Not Dead Yet!

Hi all! Hello faithful readers! Hello adoring fans! Greetings haters!

I’m wanting to do something a little different on the blog: posting links! Posting links is one of my favorite things to do. Usually I get my fix from posting links on Instagram, but I’m trying to kick the habit. I don’t know how frequent this is gonna be, because I’m erratic, but I think I will post whatever comes to my fingertips and write about it.

Blockhead – Cheer Up You’re Not Dead Yet

What you know about this song? Let me tell you about this song, what it means to me.

This song came my way when I was a wee lass, still in my egg in high school, still listening to the most garish dubstep you could think of. Perhaps one day I’ll have to make a follow-up post about how I came full circle to appreciate dubstep, many years down the road.

Anyway, back to high school. My cousin Jess gives me this music on a hard drive that totally changes my taste and reference points. Matthew Dear Deer Tick, Unknown Mortal Orchestra in their 2011-2013 era, and Blockhead. This white dude who lives in NYC and runs his own blog, and makes some of the most beautiful and delightfully weird instrumental hip-hop.

The flash drive had a number of his albums, but the one that got to me most of all was Uncle Tony’s Coloring Book. The entire album is worth a full listen, but my absolute favorite track is probably the one posted above, “Cheer Up, You’re Not Dead Yet.” The title belies how uplifting and beautiful the track really is, busting out into incredible loops that make you wanna dance your booty off with someone you adore.

I’m missing a lot of people I adore, because they’re miles and miles away. But I listen to this song and I remember what I’m here for: for myself, and my people.

Much love and I hope you enjoy the track! xo Aida

P.S. It’s also on bandcamp, if you’re into that.

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