when a feeling hurts you have to listen

when a feeling hurts you have to listen otherwise who knows what pinpricks devour you like so many locations on a map saturated and bubbling up on each other when you feel slighted u oughta take a slight pause so as to not react reacted far too often my body fatigued by watchfulness it’s betterContinue reading “when a feeling hurts you have to listen”

Theory by Dionne Brand

“There are multiple reasons why I find myself in the situation of not having completed my dissertation; on the other hand, I believe one ought to take stock of one’s own bullshit.” Theory, the latest novel by Dionne Brand, begins and ends with this footnote. The unnamed, ungendered narrator retells three romances over the courseContinue reading “Theory by Dionne Brand”

won’t you put on your gambler jeans

won’t you put on your gambler jeanstease me a little bityou sit in the dirt and spitintuit the portal that is my waistfor a minute they met in the aquariumwhere fluid is sexualitythey met in the park.one had on that beautiful half-smilewho brought paint and painted each other.one couldn’t drawshe couldn’t picture herself if abu-bakrContinue reading “won’t you put on your gambler jeans”